Solo 6" Black Series Figure Reveals

Solo Black Series1.jpg

Ahead of this weekends New York Toy Fair Hasbro released the first look at the Solo: A Star Wars Story 6" Black Series figures! I am really liking the look of these figures, they feel one step removed from what we typically get in the Black Series which speaks to the evolution of the Universe in the standalone 'a Star Wars Story' films. 

Based off some earlier rumours a case pack ratio for the first Solo wave could include;

Han Solo (x2)

Ranger Trooper (x2)


Lando Calrissian

Grand Moff Tarkin?

TLJ Carry forward?

The space pirate vibe is captured perfectly in the Lando figure and the head sculpt likeness to Donald Glover looks great! My only wish for this figure is a head swap with that big Lando smile to go along with that raised eyebrow!  

The Han figures look pretty good and I'll defiantly be adding him to the collection but there is something about him that isn't nearly as appealing as the Lando figure....

The Qi'Ra figure is probably the most anomalous figure in the entire Black Series line and looks a bit like an 80's rocker. She will definitely standout amongst most other figures in the Blast Series and hopefully she doesn't end up carrying the title of peg warmer for this most recent wave. 

My favourite figure of this wave is the Range Trooper (I have a soft spot for trooper variants). I love the mixture of the Rogue One Hovertank Trooper and ESB Snow Trooper. I was under the impression that the Ranger Trooper was from the Corellian chase sequence with the bulked up speeder bike, but this figure gives off a more mountainous trooper vibe. The 'Range' in the name likely comes from Mountain Range and these could be a high elevation mountain terrain trooper with the large boots used to accommodate rough terrain or even for scaling mountains. 

My prediction (given the case ratio above) is that the Lando figure will be the hardest to find at retail. Glover is poised to be the breakout in the film and the look of the figure is incredibly enticing!

Look for these to hit shelves this Spring (April?).

Stay tuned for more coverage of New York Toy Fair and good luck on THE HUNT!

Tim - The Nerd Room Podcast