Luke’s Force Ghost Form

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I expect to see Luke Skywalker again in Star Wars Episode IX in full Force Ghost form. One question this poses though in what form will Luke’s force ghost take..?

In Star Wars Episode VI The Return Of The Jedi we saw Force ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Yoda and Obi-Wan were both familiar to us. They were the versions of the characters we were used to seeing. The ghost of Anakin, however, was somewhat different. The rule seems to be, the force ghost form represents the Jedi, which, in Anakin’s case was the Anakin Skywalker before the clash with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. 

The Star Wars Wiki, Wookiepedia, states -

The knowledge was open only to those who followed the light side, so the only known individuals with the ability to manifest after death were Jedi. It was made possible by energy from the Living Force flowing into the Cosmic Force.

This might explain why the Anakin we see in Star Wars Episode VI The Return Of The Jedi was young Anakin, who was still a Jedi, before his Fall to the Darkside.

So the question I’m preoccupied with is which version of Luke will we see in Star Wars Episode IX. Is, in fact, we do see a Force Ghost Luke. There are a couple of options. 

Option 1

Force Phantom/Crait Luke

If this is the form that Luke took when he appeared to the Rebels on Crait and the form he chose when confronting Kylo Ren, could this be the form he will take when/if he appears to Rey in Star Wars Episode IX.  This would have been Luke when he was still a dedicated Jedi. The Luke who set up a training temple. A version of Luke prior to igniting the green over the sleeping form of Ben Solo. A Luke still connected to the Force. 

Option 2

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

This form would be the white-robed Luke Skywalker who greeted Rey when she arrived on Ahch-To. A Luke who had adopted the ceremonial robes in order to put an end to the Jedi once and for all.  This version of Luke is the most regal looking version, the closest to the image of the Jedi as we know them. A version of Luke that would look right standing alongside his masters and his father in blue ghost form. But this was a Luke who was disconnected from the Force. The Luke who was ready to burn the remain Jedi texts. Would that make this option less likely? Perhaps.

Option 3

Jedi Exile Luke

The third and final option would be Jedi Exile Luke. This is the spear fishing, Thala beast milking, Rey denying Luke who dressed like a fisherman and skulked around Ahch-to waiting to die. It was, however this version of Luke who connected to the Force for the first time in years in order to reach out to Leia. This is also the version of Luke who started to train Rey, even if he only promised three lessons. That effectively makes him her Jedi Master, and she his padawan. Does this make an argument for Jedi Exile Luke being the for m we will see in Star Wars Episode IX as his Force Ghosts continues Rey’s training for that third promised lesson? 

Below is a twitter pole so that you can have your say on which version of Luke, if any, you expect to see in Star Wars Episode IX.

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