The SWC Welcomes The Sandcrawler Podcast!

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We are pleased to announce that The Sandcrawler Podcast has joined the Star Wars Commonwealth Podcast Network! Brought together by a common passion for Star Wars collecting, hosts “Dengar” Dan and Mike “Tarkin” bring a unique brand and voice to the Network! If you have any interest in Star Wars collecting, be sure to tune-in to The Sandcrawler Podcast!

Welcome to the Network and MTFBWY!

The Sandcrawler Podcast

The Sandcrawler podcast is your home for Action Figure Therapy.  Hosted by “Dengar” Dan Lizotte and Mike “Tarkin” MacDonald, two Star Wars collectors from very different backgrounds that have found common ground in Star Wars figures.  Dan, from Massachusetts discovered Star Wars as a child in the late 80’s while Mac is an OT-generation kid from Ontario who saw Star Wars when it first came out in 1977.  Their goal? To spread Action Figure Therapy through their show and website,

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