The Sandcrawler #67 - Power of the Force 2: The (Awesome) Vehicles

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 The Sandcrawler #67 -  Power of the Force 2: The (Awesome) Vehicles

Happy 2019! It’s our first show of the new year and we start off with a BIG announcement!  We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of the Star Wars Commonwealth Podcast Network!  We catch up on some quick news and discuss our busy (at least Star Wars type of busy) Christmas breaks as Dan begins to process all of the Power of the Force figures and vehicles that he’s been picking up and Mac takes another step forward with his Star Wars room and especially his Rebel base diorama.  We get back into our ongoing retrospective of the Power of the Force line from the 1990’s and talk about all of the vehicles that were released for the line.  Have a memory or story of any of these vehicles? Drop us an email or DM us on Twitter and we’ll read them on the next show.  As always we’ve included a mix of 90’s era music in this episode and you can see the entire playlist on our Facebook page.   Thanks to for their always thorough archives and information.  For more show notes and links mentioned in this show head over to

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