The Sandcrawler #74 - Wookiee Hugs

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This week’s show unfortunately starts off on a down note as we shake our heads over Hasbro’s apparent mishandling of it’s May the Fourth Celebration Exclusives release on Hasbro Pulse. But even more of a downer is the loss of Chewbacca actor, Peter Mayhew. We talk about why events like this are important to our fandom and then discuss some of our favourite Chewbacca collectibles. Dan has a really great story of reclaiming a child hood toy that you won’t want to miss.  

May the Fourth is annually a big day for both of us, with various non-Star Wars anniversaries falling on Star Wars Day and we talk about how we spent the day (after a geography lesson on exactly how far Mac lives from his hometown of Windsor, Ontario).  

We have a giant-sized I Wanted Everything segment this week as Dan shares a new, cool prototype and Mac catches up on a ton of new items he’s picked up over the last few months.  If you can make it past the rants about Game of Thrones and Geico salespeople there is a ton of great Star Wars toy talk and toy memories on our latest dose of Action Figure Therapy! 


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