The Sandcrawler #76 - Vanity Fair, Galaxy’s Edge & Phantom Menace Figures


The Vanity Fair “Rise of Skywalker” Issue has fans talking about the future of Star Wars and we spend some time discussing a big “what if” for Episode 9.  It’s just fun speculation but that’s what Star Wars is about, right? Oh and we also make our claim that Episode 9 should do what Avengers: Endgame did and give us a 3-hour plus Star Wars movie to wrap up the Skywalker saga. C’mon JJ, do it!

We start off with I Wanted Everything where Dan finds a couple figures that he simply couldn’t move on with if he hadn’t found them and then we talk about both picking up the Retro Collection Luke Skywalker.  

We had maybe the best time we’ve ever had recording this show this week as we catch up on life in general before getting into some show feedback. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post an iTunes review -except that one guy.  Congratulations to the newest members of the Commonwealth!

We take a quick look at some of the merchandise for Galaxy’s Edge and geek out about what a visit to Batuu could be like.  Also we’re in love with Worrt.  

Despite all our joking about too many Star Wars anniversaries in May, we start our look at the action figures from The Phantom Menace, in honour of it’s 20th anniversary.  We’ll take a bigger look at these figures on our next episode as well.