The Sandcrawler - Episode 79 - Sio Bibble’s Bald Spot

Commonwealth Art Sample copy 2.png

August 7, 2019

We open with an amazing vintage find for Mac that occurred right before we started recording and then catch up on what’s been going on in our Star Wars rooms.  We’ve been making moves and adding lighting.  Mac installed IKEA lighting in a few places and Dan found a good price on acrylic risers. Dan has a question for you: What would you do if you suddenly lost your entire collection? Would you rebuild? Change your focus? Something else? Let us know via email or reach out on social media. We read what could be our favourite iTunes review ever from The Amazing Ratso and we would just like to say, “Hidilly ho, neighbour!”  We clear up the mystery of Oak Island with an email from Erin From Work and then move into a live unboxing of a gift for Dan from our buddy Jay Roy.   We also wrap up our retrospective on the initial release of action figures from The Phantom Menace and will be returning to our look at the Power of the Force 2 line very soon!

•Excellent articles on vintage ceramic Star Wars items via the Star Wars Collector’s Archive.

•Listen to Mac guest on Generation X-wing with other members of the Star Wars Commonwealth. 

•Spice rack foot peg mod via Diorama Workshop

•Visit for photos and info on The Phantom Menace line of figures and follow along as we discuss the last batch of figures from this line.