The Sandcrawler - January 2019 - A Quick Update

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 The Sandcrawler - January 2019 - A Quick Update

While Mac heads to Walt Disney World for one last romp before Galaxy’s Edge makes that resort the most crowded place in the galaxy, the show is going to be on a bit of a hiatus for a couple more weeks. Never fear though, we still have a ton of ACTION FIGURE THERAPY for you to discover here on our site!

First up, we released two new videos on our YouTube channel. The first is our review of the Kessel Mines Playset from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The second video is a look back at Walt Disney World merchandise from The Force Awakens released back at the beginning of 2016 (hard to believe we’re in Year Four of the Disney-Star Wars era!).

Head over to our Collector’s Spotlight page for a Power of the Force collection with some killer lighting.

While we’re talking about Power of the Force, our last episode was all about the vehicles from that awesome line of Star Wars toys from the 90’s. Give it a listen and let us know what you think about these first updates to the vehicles we first saw back in the old Kenner days. And be sure to check out our Link: Our Power of the Force Appreciation Page too!

Based on the weather in our New England and Ontario bureaus, winter is here! What better time to grab your AT-AT, Tauntauns and Snowspeeders and PLAY OUTSIDE! Take some photos of your toys in the snow and send them to us (see above this article for our email link). Check out our first entry, Echoes of Starkiller!

For our long-time listeners this will be old news but it’s been one year since we attended the Hollywood premiere of Making Fun: The Story of Funko!. If you are a newer listener we thought you might like to see and hear our experience out in LA-LA-Land.

Thanks and as a certain mouse would say, “See ya real soon!”

-Dan & Mac

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