Paul Inglis is Episode IX Art Director


Paul Inglis, art director on Blade Runner 2049, Children of Men, Game of Thrones and Skyfall has been announced as the art director on Star Wars Episode IX...

The news came from Omega Underground who indicates that Paul will join the crew on Star Wars Episode XI when production begins this summer. Just looking at Paul's previous movies is extremely exciting. The darker tone of these movies might be a hint at the tone of Episode IX. 

/Film have a great explanation about what an art director does on a film -

Art directors oversee the entire art department on a film, and help realize the production designer’s overall vision. They also oversee the construction of sets.
— Chris Evangelista (/Film)

I love the look of the films in Paul's back catalogue, especially Bade Runner 2049 which I thought was a beautiful film and I hope that this gives us a look at the tone of the next movie. A darker tone to kick this movie off would be awesome.

It looks like the Episode IX news cycle is starting to ramp up with J.J. Abrams announcing the start of shooting at this weekends D23 Japan and now this significant hiring, it could mean that drought of Star Wars news we were all fearful of may never be a thing.

What do you think of Paul Inglis being hired onto Episode IX as Art Director? Does the darker nature of his previous work indicate the tone Episode IX will adopt or is it simply a sign that Lucasfilm Ltd hires the most talented people for their projects? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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