Rebels Between Worlds

Often when I see new anything Star Wars, I like to let it set in before I talk about it too much.  Maybe watch it a couple times, see things I might have missed the first time.  However, I want to get this one out there, it's brewing in my brain and deserves a little airtime (I hope?)

Let's talk about Star Wars Rebels, S04 E12 "Wolves and a Door" and E13 "A World Between Worlds" ...


It's not even been 24 hours at this point, and I've heard at least a few people - I suppose you might say "scared" (perhaps, "concerned") - in some way about the potential implications of the "world between worlds" aspect of Episodes S04E12 & E13.  The esteemed Mr. Filoni has opened up something completely different regarding the Force.  All it takes is a JJ Abrams to take advantage of this zone, which connects different space & time, to alter history, to create a new timeline, to reboot or retcon something which has been accepted canon.  I think that's a perfectly fair concern to have.

Is that something LFL is likely to do?  It seems pretty unlikely to me.  Filoni, Kinberg, Hart, and everyone up to and including Kathy Kennedy all know how important "canon" is not only to the fans, but to the success of the entire franchise.  So are they likely to simply allow an alternate universe?  I'm going to take a deep breath, maybe two, and place my faith that it's so unlikely to happen.  Also, they made it pretty clear that the entire temple, including the gateway, was "closed" - removed from the world (wiped away?).  As powerful as that world-between-worlds is, it's pretty clear that they used it as a plot element in this arc and they closed the book on it.  I'd even say it's wise to do so, because of the potential of it to be misused somewhere else in the franchise.  

However... here's what I really like about these two episodes: This is the arc which addresses Dave Filoni's big tease from SWCO last April.


I don't see many people discuss (maybe I just haven't looked hard enough) is that after the Ahsoka-Vader fight on Malachor (S02E22 Twilight of the Apprentice pt2) we see Vader leave the temple.  However, there's also a brief set of frames also showing Ahsoka leaving as well.  Filoni left us a breadcrumb!  Ahsoka Lives?  The astute observer already knows!

So, in "A World Between Worlds" we see Ezra pull Ahsoka out of the Malachor temple fight with Vader, saving her life.  At the end of the episode, she returns to the temple and also to that same time period, roughly 2 years prior.  In her end scene, Ahsoka says "May the Force be with you, Ezra Bridger" and then turns to walk away.  We see she's in the temple on Malachor, and walking towards a triangular shaped doorway.  Compare the scenes:  this is the lead-up we see happening in Twilight of the Apprentice.  Ahsoka Lives!  Plus - she's now had a brief glimpse of what's to come, through her interaction with Ezra.

So now we are left wondering & waiting until next week to see how Ashoka figures into the final E14/15 story next week.  There's no doubt in my mind that she's a part of it; there's no reason to devote these two episodes to her return without a plan for her in the story.  Does she survive?  So many questions and possibilities still.  In 7 days, we'll know for sure.

Thanks for reading!  Let me know your thoughts!  Go ahead, tell me I'm crazy (I'll probably believe you).