Star Wars Rebels - Wolves and Worlds


Star Wars Rebels has blown minds and set tongues wagging already and its only two episodes into its final run which continues on Monday 26th February with two more episodes "Wolves And A Door" and "A World Between Worlds". See some images, a clip and some descriptions below...

In “Wolves and a Door” - Ezra leads the Ghost crew back to the Jedi Temple on Lothal where they discover that the Empire has diabolical plans for the powerful secrets it holds.

· In “A World Between Worlds” – While the other rebels engage the Imperial forces outside the Jedi Temple, Ezra gains access inside and experiences a stunning revelation.

The two new “Star Wars Rebels” episodes - “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds” - will also be available on at 10:00 p.m. ET after they air on Disney XD.
— Lucasfilm Ltd

Check out a few images from the new episodes below-

Are you looking forward to the next two episodes of Star Wars Rebels? What are feelings on the delayed air dates for non-US audiences? Please be spoiler free in the comments below.

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