Episode 17: The BEST of Tatooine Sons! (Spring Break Episode) ;)

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Welcome to Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast! 

Samuel the Hutt an BB-N8 are on Spring Break hanging out at the beach! So, we decided this would be an AWESOME opportunity to look back at a few of our most interesting conversations from previous episodes! 

First, we share our thoughts on the crazy change of direction that we experienced with The Last Jedi. One of the most common criticisms of Episode VIII is that it seemed to diverge so much from everything we thought we knew after Episode VII: The Force Awakens. We discuss how this happened in the same way between the original Star Wars: A New Hope, and Episode V:  The Empire Srikes Back.(http://bit.ly/starwarsleftturn) What do you think? Tweet to us @tatooinsons using #LastJediGreat with your thoughts!

Next, have you heard that Rian Johnson, the writer and director of The Last Jedi, let a 12 year old boy name the porg on the Millennium Falcon? It's an amazing story about one Star Wars fan helping to make another's dream come true. BB-N8 overcame his fear to take a chance on a dream, and it was rewarded! Listen to this amazing story from Episode 10! (http://bit.ly/maketerbuscanon) Help us encourage Rian Johnson and Pablo Hidalgo to officially recognize Terbus, but tweeting to them using #MakeTerbusCanon!

Finally, here's an exlusive podcast originally for our @Patreon supporters, where we look into Rian Johnson's ideas behind "Broom Boy!" Tweet YOUR thoughts to us using #broomboy!

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