TumblingSaber Episode 160 | Premier Dude Palpatine


Hey gang!

We're back for another week where the news was dry but the taps here at TumblingSaber Industries flow just the same! This week we take some time to talk about Palpatine. Good ol' Uncle Sheev. We talk about his unknown past, his evil deeds, and what Lucasfilm may do with him in the future. We also discuss:

  • Future episodes of Star Wars Resistance,

  • Whether we'd choose to update the prequels, or dial back the OT,

  • Our favourite fan fiction,

  • Underappreciated and overappreciated Star Wars characters.

When Lucasfilm gives lemons, we can always count on our community of amazing friendz to help out! So thanks to the Metal Mando, Rik, and Grabs for the awesome questions this week!

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