TumblingSaber Episode 181 - Onward to Hoth!


Hi everyone!

Fresh off a week off we have some exciting news as the TumblingSaber team grows by one! This week we welcome Marie to the podcast! Marie will be joining us as we look to do more in the printed realm of Star Wars content! You can find her on Twitter @aliamorgaine, as well as on her brilliant blog thestarwarsreview.blogspot.com!

This week we discuss:

• some rumblings about the Cassian Andor series,

• the possibility of a new animated series by Filoni and Favreau,

• comments about The Rise of Skywalker from Daisy Ridley herself,

• a look at some Age of Resistance Comics

• a recap of Star Wars issue 67, and a chat about the future of the main title.

As we always do, we had a blast recording this week's episode, and we hope you enjoyed it as well. If you have any questions for the pod, or comments for us, feel free to reach out to us at tumblingsaber@gmail.com

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