SWC Knight Question of the month

Each month, one of the SWC Knights of the Commonwealth pose a question to all the Commonwealth podcasts on the network. Each show then gets to the chance to respond to the question during one of their shows that month. Make sure to check out the Star Wars Commonwealth podcasts each month to hear everyone’s take on each question!



If the Force were real, what percentage of people in the world, that could use the Force, do you think would be seduced by the dark side? Especially being that the dark side of the Force is mostly based on emotions and passion. Have fun with that... can't wait to hear your answers


May 2019 - Stubacca

I finally got some inspiration from yesterday's announcement. So three new films and no more info than that. Being the mover and shaker that I am at LucasFilm I can announce that our worst nightmare is coming true, the OT is being rebooted!! And you are in charge of casting.

So re-cast away, but there are rules: KK wants a new fresh cast, if you have been in SW in any way you are out! Acting, voice work of any kind, etc. Plus Millie Bobby Brown has prior commitments and is out!

So we need all the main cast including: Old Ben, Tarkin, Lando, etc…

Try to keep the actors/actresses ages around the same age as the originals.

Okay, you kids have fun 👍


April 2019 - Bradley W. Hall

What is your favorite…

  • Era?

  • Duel?

  • Scene?

  • Sound track? (other than the Force theme, Main theme & Imperial March)

  • Star Wars podcast outside the Commonwealth Community?

  • Star Wars Collectable or Memorabilia?

  • Line in Star Wars? Imperial Installation?

  • Movie that mentions or references Star Wars?

  • Character? (other than Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan & Vader)

  • Wardrobe or Outfit?

  • Easter-egg in Star Wars?

  • Blooper or Gaffe? Creature?

  • Rebel Base?

  • Star Wars topic you like discussing?

  • Movie? (All Theatrical Releases)

  • Behind the scene footage?

Choose at least five from the list above to answer. Try to choose questions you have never answered on your show. If you would like to answer all, that would be awesome!

Below is a bonus question that I would like all to answer. Also, only one answer per question (Cory) you can only choose one.

Bonus Question: If you were an imperial employee, what job would like to do and where would you like to be stationed?

Thanks guys; hope everyone has fun answering their chosen questions. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers.


March 2019 - Matt Keegan

Your podcast hosting skills get the attention of LFL and you land a dream role working at their headquarters in San Francisco. You’re given an office overlooking the Yoda fountain, a six figure salary, and you’ll get to work with some of the greatest creators on the planet.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Someone has unearthed a box of long lost and forgotten films. It has been discovered that some obscure director from the ‘30s made 9 black & white films and the titles of these films are the same as the Star Wars saga films titles.
The family of the deceased director are threatening to sue over copyright breach for one trillion dollars and Disney’s lawyers realise this will cripple the franchise. The ONLY WAY to save everything is to rename each episode.

Your task on your first day (because you’re the only one in the building that isn’t panicking) is to RENAME the Star Wars films and keep the SPIRIT, FLAVOUR and ADVENTURE of the old titles. The retention of your cushy new dream job at Lucasfilm rests on your choices here and now.

Don’t let the fandom down!

*The lawyers have informed you that the words “Star” and “Wars” were not used by the old director and can still be titled as such.
*Also Bob Iger doesn’t want them to be blandly titled Star Wars 1, Star Wars 2, etc so get creative.


February 2019 - Rik Villanueva

You get to be a bounty hunter (or merc, if general comics are your thing) and you get handed a can't miss opportunity. Keeping this as positive as possible (good luck) you get to eliminate (no disintegrations) your least favorite character from the SW saga (or comic series should you choose to go that route). Sounds easy enough, but the catch is you need to figure out what your particular skill set is (maybe weapons included) and how that would help with your mission AND you need to speculate on how that character elimination would effect the overall saga/story. Off the bat I'm eliminating jar jar from contention because...reasons. Dig deep. Have fun, fellow fans. And MTFBWY.


December 2018 - Matthew Salvatore

Star Wars has so many iconic characters, ships, and stories within its universe.Therefore, out of all the many unique aspects of the Star Wars universe what is the number one thing that defines Star Wars for you? Could be whatever you want (loophole away) a single character, a specific scene in one of the films or the overall theme of good verse evil. Thanks guys for all the awesome content you guys put out!